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Corporate diplomacy

We take care of your stakeholders 

Corporate Diplomats & Translators

We provide developed methods, organisation, and specialists working in compliance with the corporate diplomacy principles. 

Internationalisation, globalisation, and dynamically changing markets constantly increase the demands placed on small and large enterprises operating domestically and globally. 

During international business trips, meetings, and negotiations, we observe a number of internal and external communication problems and are able to propose a solution based on appropriate implementation, training and preparation of key actors to act domestically and globally. 

We provide developed methods, organisation and specialists working according to the principles of business and corporate diplomacy, i.e. the tools which are becoming essential for creating valuable internal and external relations, and communication policy of companies and institutions in the modern world. 

Our services cover the following areas:  

  • Identification and description of key stakeholders; identification of their strengths and weaknesses, interests and relations, as well as their beliefs and conduct, including data integration and update

  • Implementation of systems, procedures, codes of conduct (e.g. CSR, business ethics, mixed team management) and training in their application 

  • Opinions on the communication strategy in order to gain the trust of stakeholders

  • Negative feedback management and reputation building, including crisis management in line with the principles of transparency 

  • Maintaining and consolidating a positive image inside and outside of the organisation