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Home office desks

Home office desks

The pandemic declared in 2020 has left its mark on almost every aspect of our private and professional lives. As a translation agency, we form a hub: our clients represent almost every sector of the economy at home and abroad and, since we translate a great number of internal documents, we have a great insight into the changes forced by the pandemic. Below are some interesting ideas we believe you may be willing to use to survive this difficult time.

Following government recommendations, a huge number of companies switched, almost overnight, to remote working. We addressed this issue in the article Distributed teams or on-site work – what is ahead of us?. Many companies had to develop appropriate procedures, and employees were suddenly faced with the challenge of reconciling home and work life. Nowadays, even business phone calls seem to be accompanied by children’s play or a clatter of plates by other household members instead of the sound of printers, landline phones, and coffee machines.

It comes as no surprise that companies provided employees with all the tools their employees need for work. However, it may be a good idea to subsidise their “workplaces.” After all, not everyone has the right conditions to work at home. Out of concern for the employees, several of our clients set up a special fund and provided their employees with the financial means to furnish homes, especially after the decision to continue remote work policy after the pandemic has ceased. As part of our contribution, we translated the related forms and procedures to make this solution available to the entire international team of employees.

Many companies pride themselves on having a high level of corporate social responsibility, and the pandemic has checked very quickly if these assurances are true. One of our clients, whom we are proud to support in its efforts, has set up a special employee fund that can be used by employees in need, including those whose partners have lost their jobs, those who have health problems, and others. Additionally, free psychological care is provided to all those who are not able to cope with the new reality. CSR activities can be undertaken in a variety of ways. Many of our clients have proven that they do their best to support their community. We could see for ourselves as we translated a series of blog posts of one of our contractors devoted to the support of a local hospital by donating essential personal protective equipment, hard to come by until recently.

Unfortunately, the pandemic affects not only humans. Our office team is mainly composed of cat lovers, which fits perfectly with our cooperation with a leading pet product manufacturer. In the course of the pandemic period, we had the chance to translate a series of articles on the care of mental health of our pets. Don’t forget about your pets. The end of home office work will be a difficult experience for them as they will not see their owners home all day.

Here you can see how our desks and offices roughly look – complete symbiosis, isn’t it? 🙂

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